Kay Hartleb

Endorsed by Kay Hartleb - Six-term Register of Wills for Howard County

I think Shawn Conley is the best choice for Register of Wills. He has my complete support.

Proudly Endorsed by

Allan Kittleman
Warren Miller
Gail Bates
David Yungmann
Lisa Kim
Raj Kathuria

Who is Shawn Conley

I'm a long-time resident of Howard County and live here with Kathy, my wife of well over 30 years, and the rest of our family. I hold a Masters degree in biomedical sciences and over my professional career, my strong work ethic and attention to detail have helped me progress to the Assistant Director level.

I decided to run for this office after multiple issues regarding its leadership were brought to my attention and a good family friend had an extremely bad experience settling an estate. As an experienced manager, it was apparent the office could be much more effective with a focus on service, rather than a political agenda.

My opponent has been quoted on multiple occasions stating that all elected positions should be held by progressive Democrats and that his views and party affect how he does his job. By contrast, I feel very strongly that the position should be apolitical and help All the citizens of Howard County equally.

With over 15 years of service to the community as a volunteer firefighter and EMT, I never once considered party affiliation before working as part of a team to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved. I plan to carry that attitude for compassionate and efficient service forward into the office.

Having suffered the loss of a family member, and knowing what is involved at that time of grief and confusion, I will be with you through every step of the process.


Deborah L. Bauer

Gail Bates